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Web Utilities

Web Utilities

Colors Tool from

You can search a color by its Hex or RGB code, and you will have access to a list of associated colors. Like ssimilar colors, color shades, or colors schemes. You can also access a list of predefined color gradients and color palettes that you can save and download. You can test the online tool by yourself at


Online HTML Editor Tool

Writing a post in Html can be constraining, but wit this tool it becomes easy. Just type in your text, format it, and automatically you will have the corresponding code.

Transparent Textures Tool

Select a texture, select a color, et voila: you will have a corresponding css to copy and paste in your website. But this is not all, you can download the images used as textures, so you will not have to link to the tool's website.

3D LUT Combiner Tool

You have two favorites LUT files that you think can work great together, and you want either to combine or to merge. This is the right tool for you. You can create your own LUT file just by uploading yours to this website. You can also find other LUT related tools that you may find interesting too.

Online GIF maker and image editor Tool

 This not for GIF creation and optimization only. This website has a plenty of image edition, conversion, and optimization tools for images of different formats. Easy, and simple to use, it is worth a try.


Online Image Compressor Tool

If you just want to compress your image and nothing else, check this out. Simple and right to the point. Upload, compress, then download.


If you now about an online free tool that you want to talk about, you can do it by commenting below 🙂