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Different Ways to Sell Designs in Canva

Sell On Canva
Post by Amina Delali, December 16th, 2021

What is Canva ?

Canva is an amazing online design tool that offers both free and 2 paid plans, with a completely operational free plan. You can use it to create any type of media content: videos, images, even pdf files. You can create a promotion campaign with it, design shirts, posters and stickers with dedicated and ready to use templates.

You can use it to create a TikTok or a YouTube video, or your entire social media content, without worrying about dimensions, or customizations issues. You can do all that and even more for free. It also offers a lot of integrations, so you can easily access content available in Youtube and Pexel directly from your design page.

It also offers paid features, like scheduling your created content on social media platforms, or using templates available only on the Pro plan (and the Enterprise plan). This specific feature is related to the first method that I am going to talk about to sell on Canva. For example you can buy specific graphics, videos and pictures. This later feature is directly related to the second way of selling on Canva.

First Way to sell on Canva

It is called Canva Creators, it is still in the experimentation phase, and it is available for a small group of creators. If you want to be one of them, you can apply from this page form. The payment model is still evolving, and the possibility to sell templates will soon be available. So the idea is simple, you create a template, you submit it for review, and if it is accepted, it will be available in the marketplace. If it is not, you can edit it and submit it again for review. To learn more about Canva Creators, you can check this official page.

Second Way to sell on Canva

If you want to start selling now, this is for you. You will be called a Contributor, and you can do it in one click, just by signing up. So, you freely create paid elements, like pictures, videos, graphics and more. You upload them, and they will be available for users to buy. It is that simple. You will have a space called the Contributor Hub, from which you can upload your designs, and check your earnings. To sign up and learn more about the process, you can check the related official page.


The best way to know if it is worthed, is to start using Canva, try their paid plan if you have to, and see how it works. In other words, get inspired.

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