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Post by Amina Delali, December 14th,2020

Some Facts

PHP is an open source free language. Now, PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a general purpose language, mainly used in web development.

It is executed on the server side. So, the php scripts are run on the server to generate HTML pages, that will be available on the client side. It has numerous capabilities. It can connect to many databases and run on multiple platforms.

How to install it

Since php is a server side programming language, it is often installed along with a server. In the following, I will show you how to install it with Apache server.

On Ubuntu: sudo apt update
sudo apt install php libapache2-mod-php

After the installation, you will have to restart the Apache server:

sudo systemctl restart apache2

On Windows 10: you can install the open source package XAMPP. Just download the installer, and run it following the instructions. So, you will install PHP, Perl, Apache and Perl using only one installer.

Something to say ?

If you want to add something about the PHP language or about this post, please feel free to do it by commenting below 🙂 .